My Story

"Memories shape our past, dreams guide our future.” – Christa Pusateri

Creativity & Change Inspired at Birth

Raised by hippy, nomadic parents, I travelled across the country as a child and met people from all walks of life. From Pennsylvania Amish Country to the desert of Arizona, to the hills of West Virginia, to the beaches of Florida, change has been the only constant in my life.

As a young child, creativity and non-conformity were highly valued in my family. My right brain dominance and weaker (in comparison to my brother and sisters incredible artistic abilities) artistic talent lead me to be known as the “smart” one in the family. That label, along with the desire to rebel against my parents lack of financial planning and live one day at a time mentality, drove me to value making money and earning recognition above everything else in life.

An Early Adopter…

I moved out of my mother’s house at 15, and graduated from High School at the age of 17, with my first year of college completed through dual enrolling during my senior year at Edison College (Now Florida Southwestern). From there, I earned full scholarships to the University of Central Florida through Florida Bright Futures and worked up to three jobs at a time to pay my rent and earn spending money. I graduated when I was 20 with a BA in Advertising and Public Relations in just three years.

My internal drive that pushed me to finish college early, start a career and get married at a young age also propelled me to apply for Graduate school. A year later, I received my MS in Business Management from the University of Florida.

Sales, Marketing and Management – All Problem Solving

Over the years, I have held Director of Marketing positions with a specialty coffee franchise and civil engineering company, owned my own successful marketing agency, was a top performing sales account executive and sales manager for Gartner, the world’s largest Technology Research and Advisory Services company, earned my real estate license, created branding and marketing campaigns for small businesses and full-time focus as the Global Program Manager for the Global CISO Executive Summit at Evanta, a CEB Company.

I’ve realized that life is not all about making money and climbing a corporate ladder (profound, I know). I am learning to harness my strengths, get out of my own way, and create a life of happiness, freedom, and flexibility.

Not surprisingly, I thrive on change, challenge, and creativity. I am a problem solver, entrepreneur, coach, story-teller, match-maker, creator of my own destiny, lover of learning, adventurer, opportunity seeker and above all else a devoted wife and mother.

Healing, Self Discovery, and Purpose Planning

In 2020, after my role as VP of Global Customer Engagement coming to the realization that there was so much more to my life and purpose that I wasn't able to express or explore in my current position, I took off on a journey of self discovery after selling my house and ending my 17 year marriage. I started exploring my spiritual path and self healing after a chance meeting with a CISO who also happened to be a Reiki Master, Jothi Dugar, and a profound guided meditation on feminine archetypes from Mama Goddess on Insight Timer. In the meditation, the healer spoke to me and cried out for my attention. Given the fact that I had avoided hospitals and everything to do with health care my whole life, it was quite the surprise to receive the call to healing. But that is another lesson I've learned in this journey, as I've been exploring the depths of Universal Laws, ancient wisdom, and inner knowledge, I've come to the understanding that everything has an opposite and everything is a paradox at some level.

How Can I Help You?

We all have strengths that guide us to success. My strengths come in quickly understanding and connecting forward thinking leaders to resources, people, and experiences that can transform their lives. My dream is to cocreate Treedom, a global community of nature based retreat spaces and ecosystems, to help people connect with nature, each other, and their visions for the chapter ahead. I help forward thinking entrepreneurs, executives, and emerging leaders connect, collaborate, and coelevate through the Future Advisory Board collective coaching programs and project based collaborations. I'm focused on creating mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationships with passionate pioneers of the virtual frontier through DAO creation, tokenization, and launching projects and companies that will positively impact the world.