What a joy it was to have this fun conversation with Kevin Allen of OpenExO community. If you are interested in exponential innovation or scaling your idea, startup or business, I highly recommend joining this open and free community of visionary exponential leaders! OpenExO # #innovation #startup #business #future

Synchronicity in the Metaverse?: Christa Mariah, EP 233

Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality(AR) and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are here to stay. Can synchronicity and serendipity survive in these environments? Less so in the restricted pre-programmed box that is VR like the metaverse, and more so in AR...

The Emerging Metaverse: Digital Exploration, Virtual Reality and Beyond

Guests: “Jee” Dhamindra Jeevan, Christa Pusateri. The Metaverse has dramatic implications that call us to claim a role in shaping the worlds within the world that is being created. Who is going to be building, and therefore controlling, the metaverse?...

April 2022

This week on the Design Driven Life, Wendy Yates speaks with Christa Pusateri. Christa purpose is to connect leaders to collaborate, cocreate, and coelevate as we all pioneer the virtual frontier.

Episode 350 - 12/15/2020