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Hi, I'm Christa Mariah.

Welcome to, the one connection point for my multipassionate, multipurpose projects, companies, and collaborations to come to life on the internet. There are many portals that will be added to this site as each of these projects take off, pivot, or manifest. I look forward to hearing your feedback and discussing ways we can connect, collaborate, cocreate, or coelevate through partnerships, virtual events, promotional programs, group coaching, public speaking, content creation, acting, business development, and hosting services. Explore my companies and projects below, and reach out to discuss the latest on each, and ways we can coelevate to help each other as we pioneer the virtual frontier!

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Are you inspired to change the world for the better? Do you have a passion for helping people through regenerative design, technology, spirituality, healing, or therapy or other emerging field of opportunity? Let's connect to discuss ways we can coelevate...

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Passion Projects...


Connect to Nature, Connect to Eachother, Connect to Your Vision for the Chapter ahead at Treedom Treesorts and Retreets. 

Isabella Creation

A choose-your-own-adventure Virtual Reality Simulation Game designed to teach children and teens emotional and energetic intelligence, universal laws, and creativity.

VR Metatraining

Imagine diving into your mind and embodying the core archetypes in order to resolve conflicts or imagine potential opportunities in Virtual Reality.