Welcome to Treedom. Freedom in the Trees (and the Metaverse)

Imagine a magical idea-land where you can connect to nature, each other, and your vision for the chapter ahead. Imagine a treehouse retreat for big kids (a.k.a. abundant entrepreneurs, forward thinking executives, spiritual leaders, artists, healers, scientists, engineers, architects, and emerging leaders) and their teams, tribes, and families to come together in the physical world.

Imagine cocreating a space in nature to connect with nature, build trust with your team, plan businesses, define or disrupt industries, learn new skills, build trust, try new adventures, meet new people, and rejuvenate among the trees, and on house boats the open water.

This place is called Treedom, and it is in development for the adventure seeking, life loving people working to cocreate a better planet for all living beings.

Created first in the metaverse to be built through a Coopetition of architects, 3D designers, and creatives, Treedom will become a network of retreat properties around the world.

Our vision is to build safe and creative spaces in the physical world on the perfect properties around the globe.

Your adventure awaits as you recharge in luxury tree houses connected by rope bridges (think home of the Ewoks from Star Wars) and houseboats that line the coast for those who want a more intimate connection with water.

With a central “hub”, clubhouse, stage, pool & jaccuzzi(s), using regenerative building materials and artistic design, complete with meeting space, brainstorming rooms, technology game rooms, 3D printing, bio hacking lab, sustainable gardens & husbandry, state of the art medical facility, reading rooms, tech-free zones, workshops, tours, camping, surfing, yoga, spa, and more.

This place is both sacred and secret. Exact locations are only known to the Treedom founders, investors, and community members. Your level of contribution and investment will determine the space and time you get to spend in Treedom properties, with unlimited collaboration all year around in the Treedom Metaverse.

Imagine your whole executive team, along with your families, taking part in your personal and professional growth, trust building, and connection retreats. Imagine not feeling guilty about business travel. Imagine your leadership team working through hard decisions, planning the future, and having fun, zip lining through the jungle all in one day.

Imagine front row seats in an intimate private party with John Mayer or Taylor Swift (or their holograms) playing for 25 of your guests from your front porch of your treehouse.

This is your retreat. Each retreat is custom planned with experiences to enhance you and your team's experience and meet your goals. Whether you want a week of silence with deep connection to mother earth, or an interactive mind, body, spirit, and business vision workshops, our team will help you plan the retreat of your dreams.

This is Treedom!

Here’s the deal...

Who: You. Yes you. If you are reading this, you were meant to be a part of this exciting adventure. This is your time to break out of the ordinary and live an extraordinary life. You are about to make the best business decision of your life. It is an investment. An asset. A lifestyle change. A status symbol. Yes, we said it. This is going to blow the Aspen Ski Lodge literally out of the water. Treedom is more than a place. It’s an ideal. It’s a way of life.

And WE have the power to make it real.

What: A corporate timeshare island retreat for corporate planning functions, board retreats, startup strategy meetings, association meetings, AND family vacations. Our purpose is to inspire ideas, serve people, lift up others, provide a sanctuary for creativity, light and happiness. It is a place to develop yourself, bring your talents, create, learn, and grow with your work family and your real family at the same place for one - two weeks a year.

When: Phase 1 – Starting on October 30, 2021. We will attract the courageous cocreators who will help bring Treedom into reality both in the metaverse and on earth.

Where: The best places for micro retreat properties of 10+ acres and accessible by boat, helipad, and/or plane. The vision is to cocreate a global community and build locations all around the world that will allow for mobility, travel, and evolving experiences!

Why: Create a magical place on earth like no other. A real place. A physical place where you can be a kid, write a book, imagine your next career, build your business or business plan, learn a new skill, study a semester, improve yourself and your team, or even live (yes, live) in harmony with nature, in the trees or on a boat as part of a community sustained by freedom, harmony, vision, leadership, connection, love of life, learning, and adventure.

Want to get involved? Join us in the Treedom VIP Community.